• TMF Group – The Story Of Globalisation

    He’s had an alien jump out of his belly, won BAFTAs and been nominated for two Oscars. And John Hurt has now helped us win one major corporate award with our client TMF Group and be shortlisted for another.
    OK OK this may not go down as the peak of his career. However, his gravelly voice on our two animated films is an example of how B2B marketing is coming of age. And he helped deliver stellar performance: the videos have surpassed the B2B engagement benchmarks by 67%, video banners overachieved targets by 14% and they’ve had over 140,000 views, including 60,000 on YouTube.

    What’s more they got a round of applause at the company sales conference and a corporate counsel event.
    The videos have now won a prize at the Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards and the campaign of which they are part has been shortlisted at the B2B Marketing Awards – winner to be announced soon.
    TMF Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, Richard Fitzmaurice, says:

    “The videos have become an integral part of the sales team’s arsenal. After six weeks, the campaign delivered more than 100 opportunities on CRM, worth more than €3.6m. It has helped revolutionise the way we position our business both internally and externally.”

    TMF Group is a global company which provides back office functions to companies who are growing into new markets or want to simplify their operations to focus on their core business. Historically sales happened on a service line basis, but a new corporate strategy packages services as one proposition: QuickStart.

    The brief for the films was to explain this in the simplest terms – “like you would to a child”. The solution: an animated storybook format with two rhyming fairytales which tell the stories of Global Inc. and the businessman Mr Smith. In simple, straightforward terms they set out the challenges.

    Mr Smith has a great business, but he worries about expanding internationally. Global Inc. have got so bogged down in administration they’re neglecting their core business. The solution to both challenges: you’ve guessed it, TMF Group’s QuickStart. When the solution is described, the animation moves into 3D, making it even more appealing.
    Richard says:
    “BroadView brought this vision to life, and supported my belief and experience that video is a serious B2B business tool if done well.”

    You can view the two videos on TMF Group’s site here ( and here (

  • TMF – Nordeus Case Study

    Videos need to grab your attention – especially case studies, which can be dry. This is a short, sharp piece which tells a powerful story in an engaging and attractive way, but which never loses sight of the fact that this is a business story, not just entertainment.

  • BT Supply Chain

    BT Supply Chain wants to lay the gauntlet down to the industry – to rethink what the supply chain can deliver. This phrase was developed by us as part of a StoryBuilding process, together with the big ideas that underpin the marketing communications. Our work has framed the company’s go to market narrative, and we oversaw the content development of its first website, We produced this video to tell this story, and we interviewed the MD Nick Hale on each of the narrative themes which provide the story structure. These videos are on the site.
    Nick said:

    “We have had very positive experiences of working with Stuart and the team and I have no hesitation in recommending them. They have a long history of working with BT, rapidly built their understanding of my organisation, and have consistently produced high quality work whilst also constructively challenging our thinking. We are about to commission our third piece of work with them. “

  • BT Wi-Fi

    BroadView is helping BT Wi-fi make its customer conversations more strategic so that they understand the full value it brings.
    We are all now empowered customers. When we go into a coffee shop, a store, a hotel or even someone else’s office, we’re frustrated if the wi-fi doesn’t work and isn’t fast enough. We want to connect easily, and it’s often BT Wi-fi that’s making that happen on behalf of its customers on their premises.
    It’s a competitive, B2B2C business, with several major players and a number of new entrants seeking to be the provider of choice.
    But wi-fi – it’s a commodity like electricity – right? Isn’t this just a price-driven discussion? Wrong: BroadView has helped BT Wi-fi develop its story to become much more about the critical nature of wi-fi to the customer experience. Get it wrong, do it on the cheap and cut corners and all of that investment in great coffee, beautiful design or staff training may go out of the window, just because your customer can’t get onto the damn wi-fi!

    Furthermore, this is a dynamic, fast changing world with new technology coming on stream this year which will make it easier and faster. Public wi-fi is also increasingly providing businesses with incredibly good management information about their customers – peak demand, demographic and even the who, where and when of customers at their premises.
    Great management tool, but a big brand risk if this is not properly managed. Companies know they can trust BT. Can they trust everyone in this way?
    This is a totally different conversation. The kit is important, the infrastructure makes a difference, but really this is now a strategic issue involving the CMO as much as the CIO.
    BT Wi-fi’s Ashley Berriman says:
    “We now have a clear narrative which feeds into our sales presentations and collateral, and a framework for our content marketing. Stuart (Maister, MD of BroadView) has helped us elevate our pitch to ensure we are aligning with our customers’ needs.”
    Since that comment we have produced an animated video to tell the new BT Wi-fi story, which can be found here. This new narrative framework will support a series of new initiatives this year aimed at supporting BT Wi-fi’s leadership position.

  • EY: M&A Index Discussion

    When EY launched this important piece of thought leadership we produced a high end video briefing with the report author. This was used as part of the launch activity, sent to all media and targeted customers.

    The then Marketing Director of EY Transaction Advisory Services in EMEA, Leor Franks said:
    “I have regularly been impressed by the quality of Stuart’s work. He and his team add value both around the usual production processes and also in their advice on content development. Stuart stands out amongst his competitors through his ability to interact with business leaders – I have confidence in him leading discussions and interviews personally with our senior partners.”


    We’ve won one award and been shortlisted for another because of this series of videos we produced for BT Expedite which bring to life how the business can help its clients. The company is BT’s retail specialist, helping retailers leverage the power of technology to transform the customer experience, increase operational efficiency and manage their supply chain.
    Using the fictional department store, Alexander Black, and a made up family, The Leggatts, we have produced three different videos to show retailers the benefits of working with BT. We helped them build the story and then produced the videos to tell it: why (the customer story), how (the infrastructure story) and what (the BT services story).
    These videos were part of a broader video strategy for a major customer event that led to a multi-million pound pipeline; BT Expedite’s account teams have got important meetings by using the videos to set the agenda; and they continue to work on the BT Expedite site and YouTube channel.
    The then Head of Marketing at BT Expedite, Justine Arthur, said:
    “BroadView’s involvement meant that our video content was sharp, commercial and directly linked to the issues we want to discuss with our clients. Stuart ensured we thought through what we wanted and how it would work for us before developing a great creative treatment that really hit home. He also ensured we planned our video outputs from the event very carefully, so that it continued to be extend our sales messages. Then oversaw faultless execution…
    The result: a real enhancement to a successful event, and the production of collateral which we continue to use in our sales processes and which gets fantastic feedback from those who use it.”

  • National Grid – Safe or Lucky

    This multiple award-winning project dramatized how important it is for National Grid employees to attend to the smallest details to ensure safety. The title of the piece is ‘safe – or lucky?’, and that is the main message. Many near misses happen because those involved were lucky. Instead they need to be sure to be safe. The piece uses the power of the viewer’s imagination to conjure up ideas of what could happen if the pin on a piece of heavy equipment is not properly secured.



    We help clients define, articulate and sharpen their story.

    But sometimes the wider strategy is not clear. Our partners The Bridge Group can help.

    They can identify a business’s challenges and create, align and crystallise the appropriate strategy, then identify the technology or companies which can deliver it. You can see why we work together – we are one of the busi-nesses they bring in when appropriate.

    Their remit covers enterprise systems, technologies such as payment and POS, gamification, and the project management of branding and marketing delivery – which is where we work together.



    We can develop for you an event, or series of events, which focus on building a story with a key audience. An alternative will be a workshop or round table in which the aim is to articulate and sharpen a story developed by the group.

    Aspect is a communications agency which specialises in events, AGMs and training, and they work with us to deliver such  events and manage the programme. We work with them on appropriate work for their clients too where our approach adds value to their services.

    In all cases we can use our video capabilities to produce content for the events and capture and leverage insights from events to be shared with a wider audience.

    aspect logo


    We can help brands take personalisation to the next level – by combining it
    with the power of video. Our partnership with Idomoo enables us to do this.
    Idomoo’s technology means we can personalise videos on a massive scale.
    Now you can touch each customer with a unique story, tailored to their
    individual needs. Your customers will appreciate the special attention, rele-
    vancy and excitement that their personal videos deliver.



    DMC helps its clients use data in a smarter way to engage customers,
    members and other target audiences. Established over 20 years, DMC’s
    consultancy covers auditing your data and appraising and shaping your
    associated strategy, ensuring that your sales and marketing automation is
    customising the experience for those who are important to you.

    Combining our StoryBuilding content strategy with smart data strategy
    and insight means we can ensure the right people get the right content at
    the right time.

    Database Marketing Counsel


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